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(c) xdarkzerox
1. 	Web Spider; Leg Upgrade
	Requirments: none
	When you go down a fall and there is a part where there
	are no enemies go right to the part where capsule is.

2.	Storm Owl; Arm Upgrade 1 & 2
	Requirements: Web Shot
	When you are surronded by spikes on the second stage, 
	There is an pening above this a major hell to get to
	with the WS. Lots of practice to ya. Shoose if you want
	the save up 4 shot or one big shot. I prefer the big one

3.  	Magma Dragoon; Armor Upgrade
	Requirements: Leg Upgrade, Double shot, Arm upgrade
	When you are at the part where you get the ride armor, 
	jump dash to the top side and charge up the DS to get
	to the Armor Upgrade.

4.	Cyber Peacock; Head Upgrade
	Suggestions: Soul Body
	On the third maze part, get to the end of the level with 
	an S rank to the head upgrade.

	Requirements: On the selection screen of X and Zero do this...
	On X do Circle (2) Left (6) then hold L1 + R2 and press start.
	Hold L1 + R2 till gameplay. Then find any capsule in the game
	(leg is the easiest) and you get it. 
	NOTE: When you select X in gamplay, his armor should barely look 
	different, it should be more purple tint on the small parts.