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1.	Cyber Peacock; Sub Tank
	Suggestions: Soul Body/ double Jump
	When your at the second part of racing, get S rank 
	and there it is.

2.	Jet Stingray; Sub Tank
	Requirements: none
	When your at the second part near the end of the level,
	stay on the top platforms and air dash to go through
	the crates and the ST.

3.	Frost Walrus; Weapons Tank
	Requirements: none
	When you are at the second stage of it, you'll see ice
	blocks that are breakable. At the end of the breakable ice,
	There will be a WT in the Ice. Get it out and get it. 

4. Frost Walrus; EX Tank

Requirements: Air Dash, Double Jump

After you skate down the left to right, go up the wall to

EX Tank.