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NOTE Upgrade 2 came be only once. Only get the one you really want or the gold armor. It contains
all the level 2 parts in it.
1.	Tunnel Rhino; Head Upgrade 1
	Requirments: Arm Upgrade 1, Triad Thunder
	When you go into the cave a fair amount you should see a HP
	with a boulder. Keep going till you see that boulder again to
	the left. Charge up and use TT. Go up to the capsule.

2.	Blast Hornet; Head Upgrade 2
	Requirements: Hawk Armor, Chimera Armor, Head Upgrade 1
	At the begining of the level, go up to the top secret and get the 
	H. Armor. Then go to the end of the trail and dash, jump, fly to the 
	other side where the capsule is.

3.	Volt Catfish; Armor Upgrade 1
	Requirements: Arm Upgrade 1, Gravity Well/ Leg Upgrade 2
	When you are on the second moving platform with no spikes around it,
	instead of going of at the first exit, stay untill the top. Get off and
	go on the crate. Now either 2x Dash up (hard; not recomended) or charge up
	GW and you'll see what happens.

4.	Crush Crawfish; Armor Upgrade 2
	Requirments: Chimera Armor, Armor Upgrade 1
	When you get the armor at the begining of the level, go all the way down. When 
	you see a hole, go down it with the C. Armor. Blast open the door down there
	and get the upgrade.

5.	Neon Tiger; Arm Upgrade 1
	Requirements: Tornado Fang, Leg Upgrade 1
	When you get past the first jumgle part to the building like part, keep going
	past the 3 head things that block you to the far right wall. Use TF on the wall 
	and jump and air dash to the capsule.

6.	Gravity Beetle; Arm Upgrade 2
	Requirments: Arm Upgrade 1, Chimera Armor, Hawk Armor (highly recommended)
	When you get to the part where the screw door is, but not to the boss, go up
	and get the Hawk Armor and go all the way over and up till you can't go any
	further with it. YES, you can go up the steps but is hard so you'll need to hover,
	unless you are skilled enough to do it just dashing. Then after that, When you
	can't go any further, look right and shoot and keep goin to get the capsule.

7.	Blizzard Buffalo; Leg Upgrade 1
	Requirments: NONE
	At teh very end of the stage where the ice beam thingy is, keep going right and up
	on the top part and dash jump to the open ledge, inside is the capsule.

8.	Acid Seahorse; Leg Upgrade 2
	Requirments: Leg Upgrade 1, Chimera Armor, Fish Armor
	When you can get the Fish armor, after the fight w/ Bit/Byte get it and go up to the
	high powered vents that you can only get to w/ the Fish armor. Blow them up and get
	out of the Fish armor and go up the wall out of the water and still up to the capsule.

9.	Sigma Stage 1; Gold Armor
	Requirements: ALL Armors, Heart Pieces, Sub Tanks Full, Full Health, All Beginning 
	upgrades, not a 2 though.
	When you are able to get the armor, At top right part of a screen, get an armor and go
	to the part where spike balls are. Make sure your health is at 100% and jump down the first hole.
	Jump out of the armor and slide down the left side to get to the capsule.

10. 	Sigma Stage 2; Z-Saber
	Requirements: Zero NOT dead, Defeated Vile before w/ Ray Splasher
	When you get to the mini boss fly, switch to Zero (you can) and Shoot the fly with
	the 2x shots and the Z-saber, makes sure it misses you on the way down before shooting.
	After the battle, The fly will crush Zero and he gives his Z-Saber to X. If you have the
	Arm Upgrade 1, It shoots as a crescent, if not it will be like Zero's charge up.