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(c) xdarkzerox
1.	Neon Tiger
	Requirements: NONE
	At the first part of the level before going into the building above,
	go to the far top right and there it is, dash adn jump to it.

2.	Tunnel Rhino
	Requirements: NONE
	You can't miss it. Before the Bit/Byte fight go up to the top and
	there it is. 

3.	Blizzard Buffalo
	Requirements: Leg Upgrade 1
	You can't miss it. After you get out of the underground cave, you'll
	see it and you can get only by the up air dash to it.

4.	Volt Catfish
	Requirements: Chimera Armor
	After the part that all looks the same, you'll enter a part that has
	electricity all around it everywhere. At the beginning, instead of going
	down, go up and get the robot and then go down and a part will break and
	down there is the ST.