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(c) xdarkzerox
NOTE You need to have the Chimera Armor for the armors to work on the platforms
1.	Blast Hornet; Chimera Armor
	Requirements: Tornado Fang
	When you get to the outside part, find some weak walls and bust them
	open and go all the way down to the C. Armor. Once you get in the armor,
	You recieve it for good.

2. 	Acid Seahorse; Kangaroo Armor
	Requirements: Fish Armor/ Arm upgrade 1, Forst Shield, Leg upgrade 1
	When you are in the water don't take out any of the turtles. 1. Get the
	fish armor and blow up the high powered thingy and get out of the armor
	to the surface. Then bounce on the water to the K. Armor. 2. use the IS 
	Near the beginning of the water way and stand on it and float to the top 
	and air dash to the K. Armor.

3.	Crush Crawfish; Hawk Armor
	Requirements: Triad Thunder, Arm Upgrade 1
	When you get to the bump in the very beginning of the level at the
	very bottom floor right after the robot platform, Use the Charged
	TT on teh ground right after the bump and go down to the H. Armor.

4.	Gravity Beetle; Fish Armor
	Requirements: Leg Upgrade 1
	When you go outside for the first time, climb up on the left wall and
	jump off and up air dash and cling on to the side or get on the platform
	and snag the F. Armor.