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1.	Crystal Snail; Head Upgrade
	Requirments: NONE
	When you see an extremely large pit in the middle end of the 
	level, slide down of the left side to a secret entrance. There
	destroy all the enemies and get to the capsule. You get a free
	life down there too.

2.	Overdrive Osteriech; Air Dash
	Requirements: Spin Wheel
	After you see the heart piece over the spikes keep going left to a pit
	you must go down. If you go to the far right side of it there are blocks 
	that you can break with the SW. Walk in and there's the capsule.

3.	Wheel Gator; Arm Upgrade
	Requirments: Air Dash
	At the begining of the level after you go down, keep an eye out for an
	open hole in at the top. Once you see it go to the right wall, jump, and
	air dash to the ledge so you go up to the capsule.

4.	Morph Moth; Body Armor
	Requirements: Spin Wheel
	When you enter the building at the very beginning, keep going straight till
	you see a bump in the pavement (kinda) You have to jump over it but instead,
	use spin wheel in front of it to go straight down to the capsule w/ the Body