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(c) xdarkzerox
1.	Wire Sponge
	Requirements: NONE
	When it starts to rain in the first part of the level, where
	there are spikes and moving platforms, go on the platform, 	
	and kick off to the top of the wooden thingy above. Then Keep
	going forward till you see it.

2.	Bubble Crab
	Requirments: Arm Upgrade, Bubble Splash
	When you're on a large rock with an energy pellet inside, then
	charge up the BS and Go up like you would the Heart Piece and get 

3.	Flame Stag
	Requirments: Arm Upgrade, Air Dash, Speed Burner
	At the very begining where the beetle is go all the way up to the 
	top and Charge up the SB. Jump, air dash, SB to the left and hope 
	that youu make it to the ST.

4. 	Magna Centipede
	Requirements: Air Dash, Arm Upgrade, Speed Burner
	At the part after all the breakable bricks fall and do things
	keep going till you see a hole in the ceiling. You'll have to
	go to the left up and air dash then SB charge to the other side.
	Go up and there's the HP.