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(c) xdarkzerox
1.	Wire Spronge
	Requirements: NONE
	Easiest one to get, At the begining of the
	level, wall kick to the top left into the
	secret wall.

2.	Overdrive Osterich
	Requirments: Air Dash or Arm Upgrade and Speed Burner
	After the ride on the motorcycle, keep going till you
	see spikes above you as a path. Air dash to the middle
	then to the end, you die and get the HP. Or just Charge up
 	SB and air dash from the begining of the platform. Or get 
        the Vehicle from the beginning of the stage and get to it.

3.	Flame Stag
	Requirments: Be very quick
	At the part where the lava chases you out of the cave,
	there is the HP guarded by a enemy. destroy it fast, 
	get the HP and run up and out.

4. 	Magna Centipede
	Requirements: Air dash, SB, Arm Upgrade
	After all the lights, make sure you dodge them all, go on top of
	the one at the end that doesn't move. Jump, air dash, SB to the left
	so that you catch on to the block that would have come down if you
	tripped the alarm. Go up and get the HP.

5.	Morph Moth
	Requirements: Crystal Hunter, Head Detector (not required)
	At the begining of the level right before you go in the factory,
	use the detector if you want to show to go up. Use CH on the 
	enemy that is right next to the thing so you can jump on the ice
	then to the ledge to the HP.

6.	Bubble Crab
	Requirements: Bubble Splash, Arm Upgrade
	When you fight the fish sub, Charge up the BS(hehe) and and jump real
	high to the HP. You must go from one side to the other to get it though.
	It's a bit difficult.

7.	Crystal Snail
	HUGE Suggestions: Strike Chain
	At the very begining get the Ride Armor back to th hole that has a platform
	on it. Then Equipt SC and hover as far over as you can with it, jump dash, and 
	SC do the rest. I've done it w/o SC though, it's a pain. Use the platform to
	get back.

8. 	Wheel Gator
	Requirements: Air dash, Arm upgrade, Speed burner
	As soon as you get ride of the ride armor, Go up the ladder and there it is.
	You'll have to go far right on the top most platform and air dash, then charged
	SB to get across. This may take a few tries.