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This stage is a piece of cake. All you do is head right and 
charge up occasianllay to take out the hard bosses. At about
1/2 through there will be a giant fly that will attack you.
Just rapidly tap the fire button and destroy the things it
Parts of the highway may start to fall off so be careful. 
After a while another giant fly will attck you. Do the same
thing as before.
After that run and ignore all the purple flying robots, they
will not hurt you unless you go out of your way to kill them.
You will start running into robots in cars. Charge up and blast
them. they shouldn't be much of a problem. At the ship you need 
to destroy 2/3 to fight the boss.
Boss: Vile/Vava
This boss can't be defeated. It's impossible. Get some
stratgic moves off him and die. 
After the battle he will capture you. Your trusty friend,
Zero, comes to save the day. After HE talks to you and
says something about hows he'll get stronger. You teleport
out to the main menu after saving/password.
This Level is recommended to do first. It's easy and you get
an easy upgrade.
Start off by charging up and firing at the "wood choppers". Only 
fire after they get rid of the wood. take care of the bunnys and
head to the cave. Desroy the bats easily and make your way to the
other side. If you have rolling shield (later in the game) this 
is a great place to get sub tanks to fill. Tkae out the spiky things
and climb up the ways avoiding them. At the top here will be a capsule.
Dr. Light will be in it and you will get the leg dash ability. 
After that you can keep going through the cave and out the other side. 
If you have fire wave head left to destroy the iglos for a heart piece. 
If not Keep going right. Here there will be snowball fights will robots. 
Avoid the ones rolling doen the hill be cliffs and destroy the robots 
throwing snowballs at you. Now go through the Screw doors to the first boss.
Chill Penguin
Weakness: Fire Wave
Weapon gained: Shotgun Ice
X Buster= He will run around the room like a jack and bounce from side
to side blowing ice. I suggest Stay in a corner (top left/top right) 
till he does the snow attack on the middle lever. Charge up and fire
when it happens. Occasionally if you feel confident you can try to
shoot him while shooting pellets of ice. he should be done before you know it.
Fire Wave= Same thing as before but you can easily destroy the statues and
he will take 11 hits to take him down.
This boss is not next in order but is too easy to resist and there
is a upgrade in the level.
Start out by ingoring what's totally right of the moving platform besides
the top one. But on the top one instead of going right, dash jump left to
get a heart piece and make your way back up the moving thingys.
Now destroy the moving bot going up/down and get on it's platform. Take it up
to the top and destroy the window. Go inside and get the sub tank. After that
fall down and destroy the bot and the fireblowing one and jump upon the 
platform left by it. Keep going to the other side. If you want you can desroy
the "fire hazard" pipes for a free life. Go up to the top. Drop down and climb
on the left wall and jump dash to the "fire hazard" and get the head crush.
Now go back up and destroy all the little midgets and get a free life if you want.
Keep heading right to the airship. Take out the bots with charged shots and climb
down the ladder. Go through the screw door so you fight the boss.
Strom Eagle
Weakness: Chameleon Sting
Weapon Gained: Storm Tornado
X buster= This boss is easy if you have the leg upgrade. Fire charged shots at him
on the ground while he is fireing eggs and strom tornados at you. I would jump when
he fires storm tornado. Always have your finger on dash, you'll need it. When
he starts to fly around, just dash forever till he calms down and don't get stuck 
on the edge.
C. Sting= Same exact stratagy as before but don't use a charged SC cause it won't help 
unless you really need it. The only time it should be used charged is when he flies
This is a level 100% recommended if you did the first two completed. You'll see why...
Anyway, at the start of the level if you got SI, the place should be frozen over.
There's a plus. Now just keep going right till you get to a place where you plunge
straight down. Rapid fire will do on the regular enemy's if you like.
Now walk a little bit and look up, you can see breakable rocks above. Keep going
straight and get on the higher platform. Dash and jump to the rocks. Now if luck is on
your side, you'll get on and keep jumping and breaking all the rocks to the top. At the
top you'll get the arm upgrade. now go down and make your way to the far right charging
and firing at the miner like robots. See the heart piece? It's easy to get to if the place is 
frozen over. Now wall kick to the top and dash jump left and get to a platform. Keep heading
up left till you see more breakable rocks. There you can get a sub tank. Now go back to the
top right and keep going. Watch out for the falling smashers, they don't kill you instantly,
but they hurt. Keep going to the end. Now there will be dripping lava, spinning oblects, and
mace throwers here so watch out. They all should be easy if you got the arm upgrade. Now head
for the boss.
Flame Mammoth
Weakness: Storm Tornado
Weapon Gained: Fire Wave
X Buster= he's a pain in the ass if you have this only. Charge up to the full and never stay on the ground
for too long. He should be gone after a few million hits but still be careful, he has a variety of attacks
Storm Tornado= :This is too easy, if you got the arm upgrade, then just stay in the top left/right, charge
it up and let a rip. 8 hits will so the trick.
This section may not be too desciptive so :P
Anyway If you got the storm tornado (i think) the plae should be in shreads. No electric balls
on the bottom of the floors so it will be much easier. Charge up and take out the big bots. Just 
follow the path till you get to two ladders. take the one to the sub tank if you have boomerang 
cutter then get the sub tank and get back to the top and continue to the dark area.
There you will see a few bots fly by fast so be careful. Now go down the ladder to the sub boss.
Bubble Monster
Weakness: Storm torando
X Buster= Charge up before entering the room and fire as soon as you get in. Now go and wait till
he falls and rapid fire him. Repeat.
Storm Tornado= Just use it oon him whenever you can. Wall kick or even when your stuck in the water.
Now Keep going and destroying all the enemies running around ad ignoring the ones on top firing.
Just keep going and hope the lights don't go off for too long. Now before going down the ladder,
Go up and dash to the other side of the wall and dash back to the heart piece. Now go down the 2
ladders and destroy the giant turtles anyway you'd like. ST is the best, if you have some left.
Now you'll be in a room, after climbing two ladders, where the things that bring lighat fly at you.
Be very careful and get to the boss.
Spark Mandrill
Weakness: Shotgun Ice
Weapon gained: elctric spark
X Buster= I wouldn't try it like this but if you do, charge up and be ready to take a lot of hits
from this guy. Wall kick a lot and charge and jump over the sparks and under him.
Shotgun Ice= Easy, jut fire and he will freeze. fire one more time after 5 seconds and when he unfreezes, 
fire again in 2 seconds or after he stops flashing.
Here is a great place to get lifes. Get on the cart and on the way down, look at the bat that
is different from the others. It is darker and 1/3 of the times you kill it you get a free
life! Anyway after stocking up on lifes, take out the ostreichs and bats and go down on the wall
slowly. Hit the grond and very fast go back up the wall so the bot goes by. fall down after he
is gone and get the Sub tank where he was and get to the end where the spikes are that killed the
bot w/ instant death spikes. Now go on the trail killing all the enemies and get to the cart. Make
sure to stay on it or a long walk. At the end get of and go to the long fall. If I were you I
would change to the fire wave if you have it.  Hold the fire button when you hit the bottom. 
Make sure you don't use the charged up one gif you have the arm upgrade. If you don't have fire 
wave, then use rapid fire with the x buster. Next Get the heart piece if it is reachable and 
get over the 2 sets of spikes.  Then get on to the cart and fire rapidly forward at everything. 
When you get outside jump to get to the top of the hill and get the peelet of energy. Just drop
down to get to the screw door to the boss or get the haduken fireball...
Haduken fireball
The final upgrade  can now be found  at the end of ARMORED  ARMADILLO'S stage
after you have  obtained all eight HEART TANKS,  all four SUB TANKS,  and the
other four upgrades. Just make your way to the final mine cart ride, and when
you jump  off at the  end just before  the boss's door,  jump up and  get the
energy  capsule before  jumping into  the ravine  to your death.  Repeat this
strange requirement four more times, making sure you have Full Energy and all
full SUB TANKS  on the fifth time - and  you should see the  final capsule on
the cliff. You need a  lot of lives for this, so make  sure you get a maximum
of nine from the "Fat Bat" at the start of this level.
Armored Armadillo
Weakness: Electric Spark
Weapon gained: Rolling Shield
X buster= This could be a pain, So just attack will one shot at a time, no charged shots
or death to you. I haven't tried the arm upgrae charge shot but it probably will work.
Try to avoid him as much as possible.
Electric Spark= Zap him once and it will be a piece of cake. You can use the charged x buster and
get the same results now. Or use the ES over and over it works well also.
At the start, take out the big turtles and the grasshopers. They are really annoying so take
it to them. Avoid the spikes and keep on going. Go over the nxt sets of spikes and either
destroy or avoid the regenerating robots. Now you'll get to a sub boss
Submarine Boss
Weakness: Storm Tornado
X buster= Charge up and ignore the things on the top eye thingy. Just shot it and with rapid
shots or charge up and shoot. it should be dead soon.
Storm Tornado= Just shot away.
Now watch out for the fish that swallow you. rapidly shoot a lot when swallowed, watch out for
the spikes and you will fight another Submarine Boss. It's a little harder due to the holes 
when it sucks you in so be more careful. 
After your done, get to the things that push you up. Then get your pellet and hop back down.
Ignore the next thingy and hop on to the next on the ship. Destroy it and it will come crashing
down on the spikes, destroying them, and getting to a secret area and a sub boss #2
Sea Snake
Weakness: Storm Tornado
X Buster= rapid fire on it's tail or it's head and it will be gone in a couple of minutes. Watch
out for the spikes and just stay on the left wall and shoot.
Storm tornado= Same exact stratagy as X buster
Now claim your Heart piece and go back to the top and fight another one of the little
bad asses. Same exact stratagy but if you run low on ST just use the x buster. From here
on is easy, just take it to the fish and go through the doors to the boss
Launch Octopus
Weakness: Rolling Shield
Weapon Gained: Homing Torpedo
X buster= you MUST avoid him to stay alive, he will suck the living hell out of you
and drain it for himself. Dash when he spins around in circles and sucks you in. 
Charge up to the jullest and fire whenever he's not spinning. that's all the advice I
can give you. 
Rolling Shield= Use it the same way you would on th x buster and run away from the 
spinning thingy.
This is a pain in the ass level because it is going up the whole time.
start by going up the ladders to the part where the Mace thrower is. take him out
with ST or a Arm upgrade charge shot. The Things on the wall move when you shot them
so be fast and smart. Make your way to he very top.
Now watch out for the the laser lights. they don't do anything to your health but all
the enemys around you do. If you have chameleon sting charge up and use it through the
whole part here. Watch out for the things flying from the ceiling. Next is the turtles,
take them out fast with the x buster or ST. Now get all the way up to the top again.
Now go on the moving platform. this is fucking hard with a kayboard so I cant do the rest
of the level accurately. Watch out for the purple thingys on the way up, they are little
bastards. At the top go outside. Keep going up on the moving in and out platforms. Watch
out for the enemies, they are a pain. At the top there is a heartpiece only reachable by
redoing the level after getting bommerang cutter and get it. go inside and take out the robots
on the platforms and take their platforms to the top. When you get to the top go through the
screw door to fight the boss.
Boomerang Kuwanger
Weakness: Homing Torpedo
Weapon Gained: Boomerang Cutter
X buster= There's no real stratagy, just shot and take hits. I never fought him with this.
Good Luck.
Homing Torpedo= Stand in one place and fire away. You can move if you want. It still doesn't matter
you won't loose.
This level is quite easy. It may be with water so be careful.
Start out by ignoring the wood choppers and destroy the grass hoppers all the way to the cave is.
Go up and fight a sub boss for the body armor. 
Screw Robot
Weakness= Storm Tornado
X buster= jump and fire rapidly, it will be a long fight. Just go under him and dodge the grapple.
Storm Tornado= Same stratigy as before but you don't have to jump.
After you're done, go done to the hole and break the rocks with head crush and bounce of one at
the top and shoot a BC to get the Heart Piece. Try to make it back up to the cave. Once there, 
if you have the Head crush then none of the falling rocks will hurt you. Charged shots on the 
falling rocks and rock monsters should do it. Once out of the cave, Take out the woodpeckers
that throw down works and jump over the pit. Make your way up to the top and don't miss the 
free life. Now you'll get to the mud part where you slowly sink. Just keep jumping and ignore the 
robots if you want to. You can get the Energy Pellet at the end top if you want but it's not 
really needed if you have enough lives and energy. At the end of the mud is the screw door to...
Sting Chameleon
Weakness= Boomerang Cutter
Weapon Gained= Chameleon Sting
X Buster= When he is behind the screen, Charge up and run away to a distance that you can hit him,
but he can't hit you. When he is hanging from the ceiling just shot and avoid the spikes. When he
is Throwing CS at you charge, dodge, and fire!
Boomerrang Cutter= Do not jump when throwing the BC or it will go down. Just stay under him the whole
time, ignoring the energy you have and take him out. It should be really easy. 
At the very beggining of the level Zero will greet you and you will talk and he will go into
the base first and you back him up. I would have CS equiped if you don't charge up and go
through all the turtles w/ no damage. When you get to the green moving platforms, CS charge up and
do it again becasue the robots that fly at you are very annoying. When you get to the top of the 
base, go in and after a few enemies you will meet up with Vile/Vava and Zero. When this happens
Zero will tell you to stay back, but being X, you have to go into the room where they are. You must
now fight your first sigma stage boss!
Weakness: Homing Torpedo, Rolling Shield, Charged up Ice Shotgun
At the beginning, don't do anything. Just die. After that, Vile/Vava will catch you and Zero will
save the day. After that, Vile/Vava will be w/o his big robot. Now X will somehow get rid of the
energy thingy around him and fight Vile/Vava. 
Homing Torpedo= Fire, Dash, Fire, dash, Fire, etc.
Rolling Shield= Fire at him anytime you can and never charge up. Dodge his yellow orbs because they
After the battle, You will met Zero on the ground. He will give you the Arm upgrade if you don't have
it already. He will die and you got to go on w/o him. 
Now after the death keep going and if you have some CS left charge up and go through it really fast ignoring
all the lasers and stuff. After a while you will fight with another familiar face. Boomerang Kuwanger.
Use the same stratagy as before, homing torpedo his ass to the ground.
After a while you will meet the boss of this level...
Weakness= Shotgun Ice
This guy is the single most hardest bosses in MMX. He is so fast, and fucking strong. 
X buster= charge up and stay in the middle of the screen. When he goes down to the 
bottom of the screen he will show his eye, and it will be time to attack. there is no
real strategy to know where he is going unless you are a super obsessive person that
studies videogames or have fast eyes. 
Shotgun Ice= Same as before, if you want to charge up, and dash really fast to the place 
where he lands and fire, that works well also.
This level is kinda 1-2 1-2, so I'll give a brief description of the level. Not to
far into the level you will meet up with Chill Penguin. Use Fire Wave to take him
to water. After that soon you will fight Storm Eagle. Use the Chameleon Sting
sparingly because the boss of the level is weak against it. Soon you will go into
the screw door and fight the boss.
Rangda bangda
Weakness: Chameleon Sting
X buster= Use is charged up when the eyes come out. When the walls close on you,
make sure to stay on the wall and charge up and fire at the nose. Do not fall.
Chameleon sting= Use it the same way you would the X-buster but do not charge up.
Now you'll have to fight against all the remaining mavericks. First off is Armored 
Armadillo. Use ES to take him out. Next Sting Chameleon is a task that you may
not want to use all your BC's due to the boss of the level. Spark Mandrill should
get tasty doses of Shotgun Ice and Launch Octopus gets Rolling Shield. Now before you
get to Flame Mammoth, there is a Large energy pellet, weapon pellet, and a free life.
To get to is charge up CS and get past it. If your fast enough it could last you till 
you fight Flame Mammoth. Use ST to get past him and get to the boss.
Weakness= Boomerang Cutter
X buster/BC= This is a very unpredictable boss Be sure to stay away form it's wall hiting
bottom half's front end. You could die fast if your not careful. Use the charged X buster
or the BC anytime you can. Get this boss overwith fast.
Now Here's the final level of the game. Charge up the rolling Shield and go up and
say bye to the catapilliars. If you want to, you can fill up your sub tanks here 
because Sigma is not easy. Now go up to the very top.
Before you fight sigma you must fight his pet which isn't too hard...
Weakness: Shotgun Ice
X buster/SI= Charge up the X buster, stay on the walls where he isn't and drop down to the
bottom when he is fire, and climb back up. SI is really good becasue it shatters when it hits
the wall to make even better chances of hitting the doggy.
Sigma will talk to you then you will fight...
Weakness: Electric Spark
X buster/ES= Charge up and fire using the X buster and rarely charging with the ES. When he
Bounces against the walls, fire at him and drop to the ground. When he gets to the bottom, fire
and climb back up fast. Repeat.
If this is your first MMX game then this is the first thing you should know, Sigma always has
2+ forms. Now it's time to bring it on...
Super Sigma
Weakness: Rolling Shield/X buster
X buster=ALWAYS charge up and fire at pink, it's the only way to hurt him. Wall kick on the
left wall (right if you prefer) and get on his hand. Fire the charged shot. Stay on the wall and 
fire is safer but has less of a chance you'll hit sigma. 
Rolling Shield= Since this bounces around, shot it in the top left/right corner like in the x buster
but always stay on the wall. It will roll on the hand like thing to the head or just straight to him.
16 shots should do it.
Now after this battle guess what, another one? Nope that's it. This walkthrough is done now.
Celebrate your victory and buy another MMX game. MMX2-MMX6 are all great games. MMXtreme1-2 is 
good for on the go. MMZ and MMX7 are coming out soon so get your own copy, because I know I will.