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Look below

(c) xdarkzerox
1.	Head Crush; Storm Eagle
	Requirments; NONE
	After the sub tank, keep going on the platforms
	and get to a large pole. After the pole, go down
	right and fall to the bottom. Clicmb on the laft 
	wall and dash jump to the other side where the 
	fire warning is. Blow it up and claim your prize.

2.	Body Armor; Sting Chameleon
	Suggestions; Tornado Storm
	Before the cave w/ falling rocks, go up instead 
	of straight. You will fight a robot that is weak
	against TS. After the batttle claim your prize.

3.	Leg Dash; Chill Penguin
	Requirments; None
	You can't miss it. In the middle on the stage.

4.	Arm Upgrade; Flame Mammoth
	Requirments; Leg dash, Head crush
	At the part where the lava is and miner like
	robots that throw picks at you, go and look up.
	There will be breakable rocks above. Jump dash
	to them and break them to the top. There is the
	arm upgrade.