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(c) xdarkzerox
1. 	Chill Penguin 
	Requierments; Fire Wave:
	Go to the capsule that you can't miss, then head to the part
	Where you get a robot. Travel through the cave and at the exit 
	go to the top and use fire wave on the iglos and one will have it.

2.	Flame Mammoth
	Suggested; Body Armor
	Go to the part where to get the arm upgrade and keep traveling
	straight right. once on the complete other side you should see
	the heart piece below you on the lava. Go through the closest 
	opening and make a dash to the end. 

3.	Storm Eagle
	Suggested; Foot Dash
	At the begging go on the moving thingys and go to the very top
	one. Once on there Dash to the LEFT and jump on the moving object
	and hope you make it to the platform with the heart piece.

4.	Sting Chameleon
	Requierments; Foot Dash, Head Crush, and Boomerang weapon
	At the part before, where rocks fall in the cave (near body
	armor upgrade) go down the hole and bash the bottom rocks.
	Go to the top and make a leap and fire the boomerang. easier
	said than done though.

5.	Boomerang Kuwanger 
	Requirements; boomerang (funny)
	At the part where you go outside go to the very top and do 
	you see the heart piece? use the boomerang at the right angle
	and get it.

6.	Launch Octopus
	Suggestions; Storm Tornado
	At the part where there is a big airplane, get on the top of it.
	Shoot it out of the sky, and land where it lands. Follow the path 
	to a underwater snake. The best weapon to use is ST and will do
	the job easily. After Claim your prize to the right.

7. 	Armored Armadillo
	Suggestions; Fire Wave (not to have Arm upgrade) or arm upgrade.
	At the second robot that attacks with the big spikes and followed you 
	the first time, it's time for revenge. Either use the flame wave if you don't
	have the arm upgrade or use the arm upgrade charged at the beggining and 
	rapid fire. beat him before he gets to the HP. Note I said not to use the FW
	w/o the Arm upgrade due to charging and the charge up sucks w/ FW.

8.	Spark Mandrill
	Suggestions; none really besides the foot upgrade
	At the part right after the sub-boss, instead of going down the ladder,
	go up and see the heart piece. 2 ways from here. Easy way is to go to the 
	other side and dash jump back to the platform. Hard is to just go up to the
	HP from the right wall.