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DEKU NUTUsed to stun enemies.
DEKU STICKUsed like a sword.
BOMBSUsed to blow up things
BOMBCHUSUsed like a running bomb.
PODWER KEGUsed only by Goron Link. Used like a bomb.
OCARINA OF TIMEUse to play songs, and warp through time.
HERO BOWUse for long range.
FIRE ARROWSBurns enemies in contact.
ICE ARROWSFreezes enemies in contact.
LIGHT ARROWSPowerful against Majora.
CAMERAUsed to take pictures in the swamp.
LENS OF TRUTHUsed to see things you couldn't before.
GREAT FAIRY'S SWORDUsed as a powerful swords. Requires 2 hands.
SHIELDUse to block some attacks.
SWORDUsed to slice enemies.
DOUBLE EDGEUsed to slice and dice enemies.
GILDED SWORDGold in it's luster.
MIRROR SHIELDUsed reflect light.