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Character Chocobo's
Here is the Cloud Chocobo. It is very brave.
Here is the Aeris Chocobo. It is very magical and wise.
Here is the Tifa Chocobo. It's looks can get it any male chocobo.
Here is the RedXIII chocobo. It is very swift, fast, and intellengent.
Here is the Cid Chocobo. it has a bad tendancy to smoke but is still very fast on it's feet.
Here is the Sephiroth chocobo. It is very evil and can barely control itself.
Here is the Rufus chocobo. It is very intellegent and can get of any sticky situation.
Here is the Reno chocobo. It's skilled are undefined. It is part of the "Turks".
Here is the Rude chocobo. It is a very mysterious chocobo. It is part of the "Turks".
Here is the Tseng chocobo. It has abilities that are not known to anyone. It is part of the "Turks".
Here is the Elena chocobo. It is very intellent and very skilled. It is part of the "Turks".
Here is the Emerald Weapon chocobo. It's ability's are the most superior to all of the
chocobo race. It has great power, but w/o control. Be careful around it.
Here is the Crono chocobo. It is very heroic.