13. Millennial Fair Moonlight Parade (without Crono, but with Magus):
Beat Lavos after teaming with Magus. If you beat Lavos before you restore Crono, you end up at the End of Time. Everyone is lying on the ground. You can control the characters, and when you talk the Guru, and he tells everyone that the gate is closing and they have to leave. All the other characters except Lucca and Marle leave to their respective times. Marle arrives at the Fair, walks in the Moonlight Parade by her self. She then sees the team members throughout the fair crowd. When she goes back to the north part of the fair, they are all there. The other characters go back for Crono, and Marle sees her father, who asks her to install the new bell he has made in her honor. She is carried off by the balloons while the credits roll. She lands near a tree like the one on Death Peak, and in the distance you can see Crono coming. Marle runs towards him and the screen fades to black.

14. Millennial Fair Moonlight Parade (with Crono, but without Magus):
Beat Lavos after beating Magus and saving Crono. If you killed Magus, he doesn't appear in this ending, but the rest is pretty much the same as the next ending. Also, if you didn't get a clone before Crono is killed, talk to the Keeper and he will tell you to go to the fair.

15. Millennial Fair Moonlight Parade (with Crono and Magus):
Beat Lavos after teaming with Magus and saving Crono. If you defeat Lavos after restoring Crono, the opening scene of the game is shown, except that it is a soldier waking Crono up, saying he will be executed. The king pretends to be upset, but then praises him for saving the past, present, and future. If you let the Chancellor out of the chest after the "Rainbow Shell" incident, he will be there; otherwise, it will be Pierre, the lawyer. Several characters appear (Doan, King Guardia from 600 AD, & Kino) saying what the team members had done. Marle realizes that these characters are her ancestors and descendants. After the Moonlight Parade at the fair, the characters assemble at the north side of the fair grounds and leave.
If you didn't crash Epoch into Lavos, then Crono's cat jumps into the time gate, followed by Crono's mother. If you got extra cats, they all jump in together. Crono, Lucca, and Marle take the Epoch to find them. Meanwhile, the king is stuck trying to hang the Nadia Bell.
If you crashed Epoch into Lavos, then the gate closes after the team members leave, and Marle, Lucca, and Crono talk to the King, who shows the Nadia Bell. Marle ends up holding some balloons and starts to float away. Crono jumps on, and the two of them float away while the credits roll.

Note: Variations on the Moonlight Parade Endings: The Fair endings will vary slightly depending on whether or not you used the Epoch to get to Lavos, and whether or not you saved Lara from being crippled. It also depends on how many cats you have at Crono's house.

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